One of the key elements of building is communication and this is especially true for custom designed homes.

Electronic communication in the form of mobile phones, emails and of course the web has absolutely revolutionised the building industry.

As the building process gets more complicated especially with regard to the endless choices that are available, builders are always looking to improve the process.  We are now able to offer our clients the next step in construction communication – web based project management software.

This system as the name suggests is web based and offers our clients a number of features that can help make the design and construction process easier.

  • All key documents are kept in one place on the web. This means wherever you are you can access everything to do with your project.  So whether you are at home or at work, on holidays or out on the road, so long as you have a web connection you can login to the construction of your house.
  • For clients where both partners work you each can have access to all the relevant documentation both from work and home without the need to drag files around or make copies of everything.
  • Documentation such as selection sheets are updated or amended as selection decisions are made. Can’t remember what the decision was for a particular item?  Go to the selection sheet and know you are looking at the latest selection
  • Construction photos can be uploaded and shared – even to your social media platforms. This is a great record of the construction process or tricky details.
  • The construction budget including variations is always up to date and available to you so you know exactly how much expenditure you have committed to including that latest round of variations. No bill shock at the end of the job!
  • Emails and messages can be “filed” within the software for easy referral in the future but you still communicate by email in the convention way from any of your devices.
  • Login details mean only you get see all the personal stuff but you can also give access to chosen consultants such as an architect or interior designer.

There is no obligation for our clients to use this system and we have in place all the systems and processes required to run the construction of your project “conventionally” but, if you think the features of this system would be of benefit to you we will include the option at no additional cost.  Please feel free to discuss this system with us in more detail and see if it would be of benefit to your project.