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Specialists in the custom design and construction of homes in the $500,000 - $1.5M price range

John Harry, the owner of Infratec Construction is both a registered architect and registered builder. That is a rare mix of knowledge and disciplines and benefits clients of Infratec as they receive the best design advice coupled with practical cost-effective measures in construction.

Some Architects have built a reputation of exceeding the clients building budget which is often caused because of their disconnect to the building process. At Infratec, the two disciplines of design and construction are intimately tied together. This gives us greater control when it comes to bringing your home in on budget.

Established in the mid 1980′s we have chosen to limit the number of projects undertaken to no more than six at any time. We are financially secure and offer our clients a very different experience when compared to the large project home high-volume builders.

Generally, we like to be involved in the jobs that the volume builders cannot or will not take on. Sloping sites, difficult shaped sites, three story houses requiring retaining and the like are standard fair for us.

We only build each design once because we believe no two sites are the same and all of our clients have unique requirements. Because we are a low volume, low overhead builder we are able to build one off house designs economically while still delivering the benefits of a custom designed home.

When you build with Infratec you will only deal with the owner - John. This gives you the sort of management access you need for a custom designed home and the outcome you can only get with a custom designed home.

We also build a limited number of spec homes which are available for purchase when complete. If you don’t have the time to wait for your home to be built then please give us a call to discuss what we have under construction that may suit your requirements.

If you feel the high volume (project) builders are not really the right fit for you as you'd like a more personalised experience then please contact us for a free initial consultation in the privacy of your own home.

After all, why choose to live in a generic home designed for mass production when you can have an architect designed home, built to your individual requirements, that costs the same or less than a project home.


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I hereby state that John Harry as a person and through his building Company, Infratec Pty Ltd has at all times shown above average efficiency and attention to detail in carrying out his construction works. I am in the position to confirm these remarks as not only did he build our private residence as well as many homes for friends of mine, he also carried out some commercial construction works to a very high quality finish for this writer, this is a man of integrity.

M.H.H. – Ardross